is my date available?

It very well could be! With 2+ indoor spaces and a large outdoor space we may be able to accommodate your date. To get started check out our calendar here: 

How far in advance can I reserve my date

There really isn't a limit on how far in advance of your date you can reserve.  Many people are reserved over 18 months in advance.

Are there different rates for days or seasons?

No, the only factors that influence your rate are the foods and options you select.  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays DO have a food and beverage minimum.

How many hours are included in the rental of the space? How early/late can we stay?

There isn't necessarily a set number of hours. You have rented the day. You could arrive at 6 am and stay until midnight. Hours after midnight, in the banquet halls are 100 dollars per hour.  BUT our public bar is open and you are welcome to enjoy the time after midnight in there at no extra cost at all.

How many weddings or events do you host on one day? On one weekend?

Because of our space we could host 3 events per day (this has never happened).  We have 2 indoor banquet halls and an outdoor space.  Ideally we would love to host 4-6 in an entire weekend.

how much is the deposit?

The non-refundable reservation fee is 500 dollars. Upon the commencement of your event the reservation fee will become your security deposit- which will be refunded (or applied to your balance).

what is the payment schedule?

At contract signing you would pay the 500 dollar non-refundable reservation fee.  30 days in advance of your event you would pay 50% of the remaining balance of your order. 5 days before you would pay the remaining balance for meals. 1 day after you would settle the account entirely including any remaining food balance, bar bill, tax & gratuity.

What is included in the total? Does it cover service charges, gratuity, and cleaning fees?

Your total will be itemized and very clear. It will include food, selected services, beverages, tax and gratuity.

When is the last possible date to make changes to our reservation?

One week prior.  We understand that not everything always go according to plan and we try to work with you in tackling and mitigating any changes there are some things we just cannot change after a certain point- the amount of food ordered is a good example. If we have already ordered food based on your 150 rsvp list, then we cannot really accommodate plating for 180 with 2 days before your date.

What is the cancellation policy?


We cannot refund any advance payment for a canceled reservation unless the date is re-booked for the entire period and prepayment has cleared. We will make every effort to re-book the date; however, if it is not re-booked, you forfeit all monies paid. If a cancellation is successfully re-booked, all of the rental fee, taxes and damage/security deposit will be refunded, less a $100 cancellation fee.  If food has already been ordered for your cancelled event we will not be able to refund those monies however, you may take the food (as delivered to us).

Do you have a list of approved or recommended service providers we can use?

We are currently developing this list and it will be displayed on our website. If you don't see a service provider you would like to hire on the list, don't worry! Have them contact us with  proof of insurance and we will guide them through becoming an approved service provider.

Is the building handicap accessible?

Yes, our building is handicap accessible.

Our ceremony is outside and our reception with you. If it rains can we have our ceremony there?

Of course! Just give us a heads up as soon as you know. If it's available we can set the back room up for ceremony for a rental charge of 250 dollars.  

If that room is not available we can certainly move things around enough for you to have your ceremony in the same room where your reception would be.  The resetting for this would be a charge of 100 dollars.

Are there any decor restrictions?


All candles must be contained or enclosed in glass. The flame must not reach higher than 2 inches below the height of the glass.

 Decor may not be hung with tape, wire, nails or screws. All decorations must be removed without leaving damages directly following the departure of the last guest, unless special arrangements have been made between the Client(s) and the venue. Note: The use of birdseed and blowing bubble is permitted only outside for wedding and reception farewells. Rice, confetti, flower petals, glitter, pyrotechnics, and sparklers are not permitted inside or outside the facility. 

When can service professionals arrive for set up?

We happily work with you and your service professionals to make time accommodations where we can.  As long as it is the same day they can come and set up whenever they like.

Do you have an in-house caterer? If so, are food and beverages included in the venue rental fee?

We do have an in house Chef who would be leading the preparation of your meals. We do not have "venue fee". To more accurately put it, the venue fees are built into our menu costs- which are still very competitive.

Do you have a Food & Beverage minimum?

For Friday, Saturday, Sunday events we do have a 2500 dollar food and beverage minimum.  Don't let this frighten you at all. This number comes from what the weekend events have already been doing.  This would be ALL food and drink would be 25 dollars per person on a 100 person event.  That really is a bite or two of appetizer, a dinner, a couple of drinks and a dessert.